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MTM Veloci Garden Hose Foam Gun by Lafferty

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This exciting new addition now allows incredible foam generation using garden pressure with the MTM Veloci Foam Gun by Lafferty! This industrial grade foam gun is manufactured in the U.S. to offer you premium foaming capabilities with ease of use that garden hose pressure provides. This product takes less than two minutes to have up and foaming with a performance range of 40-120 PSI. While there is no equal to the shaving cream foam output of a PF22.2, the new garden hose foam gun by Lafferty offers a more economical way to wash your vehicle, without the requirement of a pressure washer.

The MTM Veloci Foam Gun is manufactured by Lafferty, a close partner of ours, using American sourced components and authentic MTM Veloci garden hose stainless QC fittings.

How to start Foaming:

  • Assemble bottle components and suction tube - Do not install metering tips for vehicle shampoos
  • Fill bottle with 3 oz of PerFOAMance Car Shampoo
  • Fill remainder of bottle with water
  • Install SS QC Coupler at the base of the spray gun, onto your garden hose
  • Connect all QC's and foam!

    Included components:

  • Premium Lafferty Foam Gun
  • Premium adjustable Dramm Spray Gun with rubberized ribbed grip
  • One SS garden hose QC plug at inlet of spray gun
  • One SS QC plug at inlet of foam gun
  • Two SS Quick Couplers - one for your hose and one for the spray gun outlet
  • One 16oz bottle of PerFOAMance car shampoo
  • Metering tips for regulated chemical injection (Not needed for detailing liquids)
  • Metering tip guide with installation tool, if needed.