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MTM Hydro, SRL was founded by the Costamagna Family in 1977 in Cherasco Italy. Scott Lindholm and Pierluigi Gallo (former President, MTM Hydro Srl.) formed a partnership creating MTM Hydro in Eden Prairie, Minnesota in 2005. The foundation of the company was based on manufacturing pressure washing equipment for OEMs and distributors. Aaron and his brothers grew up watching their father (Scott) guide the company through peaks and valleys providing many learning opportunities and experiences. As children the Lindholm Family can recall many instances where they got to spend time in the warehouse often helping (dad) with incoming and outgoing shipments. Tragedy struck in 2011 when Scott Lindholm unexpectedly passed away. Aaron (the oldest of 3) assumed the reigns as President of MTM Hydro (US).

For the next four years Aaron spent time gaining market insights and launched Veloci Performance Products, Inc. (a rebrand of Mtm Hydro USA). In 2017 Aaron Lindholm became President & CEO after purchasing the US based subsidiary from MTM Hydro SRL. “We recognize the value of premium equipment, accessories, and solutions. We want to educate people on the impact that quality equipment has on performance. We spend our time on the components that make a large difference.”

The foundation of the company is rooted in quality; quality products, quality customer service, quality innovation…. Quality, quality, quality. Today the company is now poised for growth into other product lines and continues to lead the global market by raising the bar.

Veloci's Core Values

Strategic: Navigate a plan of action in alignment with the goals of the company that drives long-term growth.
People First: People are at the center of everything we do at Veloci Performance Products.
Leadership: A trustworthy, reliable, and knowledgeable source of information and inspiration to those we work with internally and externally.
Innovative: Be curious, share ideas, and ask ‘why’ as we seek to create solutions that drive our competitive advantage.
Collaboration: Engage with, support, and challenge others in order to deliver exceptional results.
Execution: Put ideas into action — prioritize and see them through to completion.


To provide quality products for professionals and amateurs that like to keep it clean.


We are the exclusive supplier of MTM Hydro Products.

We are recognized in the vehicle cleaning industry as the leading name brand;
collaborating with some of the most recognized names in the industry.

Through marketing we drive demand back to the distributor base.


At Veloci Performance Products, we go to work for businesses that hold themselves to a higher standard. We are the premier provider of performance equipment. Our products are more intelligently engineered, made from higher-quality components and precision tested, to ensure hard-working teams can deliver unrivalled work results that build a positive reputation and move business forward.


MTM Hydro high-pressure washing accessories


Exceptional products that elevate productivity and help you meet customer needs


Delivering on-time and on-spec, so you can keep your projects on schedule


Don’t just make do. Do more. With solutions for all your needs from Veloci Performance Products.

A legacy of


Veloci Performance Products — exclusive North American supplier of MTM Hydro products — brings you 35+ years of Italian engineering expertise, meeting the evolving needs of performance markets with trusted, high-caliber equipment.