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Radiant Heaters

March 2019

To you, our valued customer:
On behalf of the entire company we want to say, thank you for your continued business and confidence in us and our partnership. We appreciate you and are committed to improving not only our products but our operations and supply lines as well.
We are excited to invite you to review our 2019 Preseason Heater Purchase Program. Please make sure to take full advantage of the discounts, guaranteed availability, freight considerations, and extended payment terms.
Please review this program and feel free to contact us at 866-686-4020 with any feedback or questions.

  • Order must be placed by 4/19/2019
  • Free Freight on all equipment orders
  • Minimum order qualification is $3,000.00
  • Please allow 5-6 month for delivery (Aug-Sept.)
  • Extended payment terms due on 12/31/2019 or 5% off
  • Must ship units by 9/30/19
  • Credit card payment Prohibited
  • All orders must contain Pre-Season Order Program Notation
  • Exception: Excluded SmartEquip and / or any contract pricing
  • Parts and accessories may be included with the purchase of a heater and shipped free freight

Thank you for your business and your consideration.

Veloci Fire 155 Mobile Radiant Heater

p/n: 48.7001

Max - 155,000 BTU Output<br> Fuels - Diesel Fired

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Veloci Fire 115 Mobile Radiant Heater

p/n: 48.7019

Max - 115,000 BTU Output<br> Fuels - Diesel Fired

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