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Nozzle Calculator

Using the calculator below, enter your rated gpm and psi of your pressure washer. Once the "Nozzle Size" has populated, round to the nearest available size.

Example, 2.58 would round to the nearest half size we offer, which is 2.5.

Let’s say the calculator says you're in between sizes, and the "Nozzle Size" is 2.79. Rounding up to a 3.0 nozzle would optimize your gpm, but decrease your psi. Whereas, rounding down to 2.5 will optimize your psi, but lower your gpm.

This is “dealers” choice. As in, what does the customer want to achieve, more psi or more gpm.

What we typically see is that the home user, who's washing their car, will want to optimize their gpm. So, if you're in between sizes round up.

While, the industrial contract cleaners will want to optimize their psi, and round down. The industrial contract cleaners are generally trying to remove paint from a parking lot, or rust from an object, so they are trying to generate more psi to help remove the paint or rust.

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