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Customization and Exclusivity

Building your brand with Veloci

Whether you are looking for custom items to build your own brand or exclusive items to build your customer base, Veloci has many options available to get the most out of your hard work!


Building your brand in today's fast paced retail climate can be expensive, time consuming, and riddled with unknown obstacles. Utilize Veloci's supply network to enhance your mark by embossing, stamping, or engraving your name on select items. Not to worry, we have done this before with nearly all of the largest names in the pressure washing industry. Jump into Veloci's streamlined process to get your certified, problem-solving, or enhanced product on the shelf as soon as possible!

  • CAD or Illustrator drawings may be required.
  • One time plate fees may apply depending upon on the item you wish to customize.
  • Subject to Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) based on Item requirements from the factory. This is typically 1000 units to start.
  • PO required for each order. Veloci does not stock custom products.
  • Prepayment may be required.
  • First time orders typically take 120 days from first PO to Delivery. After the first order, lead times decrease to 60-90 days.
  • Current customization options are made available for Spray Guns and Fittings.
  • Exclusivity

    Have a great idea for a kit but don't want to share it with anyone else? We can tell you first hand that the first to the table, eats the most. With entrepreneurship in mind, Veloci is happy to offer exclusivity on certain items or kits that you have come up with, yourself. Join a growing number of Veloci distributors in their endeavor to outgrow their competition through products only found at..."YOUR NAME HERE"

  • Minimum Order Quantity per PO required.
  • Genuine new item required.
  • Blanket order for designated time (typically 6 months to start).
  • Exclusivity extensions available based on performance.
  • Customer must agree with Branding guidelines.
  • Documented plan and commitment to purchase promotional advertisements such as pay per click, Google Ads, Key Word boosting, promotions on social platforms, etc...