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PF22 Foam Cannon with Narrow Neck Bottle

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MTM Hydro's Italian Manufactured PF22.2 Foam Cannon is the standard in the foaming industry and stands alone as the most reliable foam cannon in the industry. Whether you are foaming down your car on the weekend or are a professional contract cleaner foaming a hog barn for hours, this tool will save you time and money. Simply attach the foam cannon to your pressure washer using one of the included fittings, fill with your desired ratio of chemical in the calibrated standing bottle and you are up and running.

The PF22 offers both, adjustable fan blades, and a two stage nozzle allowing you to spray vertically and horizontally. By adjusting the fan blades (narrow or jet) MTM Hydro Foam cannons throw thick foam onto your vehicle, pole barn, siding, house, fence, sidewalk, roof or other washable items. The chemical injection knob on top of the PF22 also clicks and allows for precise measurement of chemical to be drawn through the internal chamber, increasing or decreasing the foam output. This allows the internal agitator to create a dense foam that is stickier than most competitors models. In doing so, this thick foam has a longer dwell time which allows the chemical to work on the cleaning surface for longer in its effort to emulsify the dirt and grime. some surfaces may still require some elbow grease, however, if the chemical does its job, very little (if any) scrubbing is required.

**Ships best in multiples of 12 (cases)

NOTE A specific 1/4" Male plug may be required in order to attach the QC plug to the end of some residential pressure washer setups. MTM Hydro 1/4" plugs are standard for industrial use but many residential pressure washers such as Generac, Greenworks, Ryobi, AR Blue Clean,etc... have certain models where the coupler will not receive an MTM plug. Not all of these brands are impacted, just certain models. If you look closely, the Chamfer at the end of an MTM plug as well as the neck is, 1.5mm shorter than some couplers may allow. We now offer this new Low Profile QC plug under item #24.5006. Once you install the correct plug in your new MTM Foam Cannon, you will see that it was worth finding this specialized fitting as our foam cannons are second to none, even when manufactures try to change their fittings!

Contents of the PF22 Foam Cannon Kit:

- Italian Nickel Plated Brass -Single Cast Foam Cannon body

- Italian Calibrated 32 oz wide mouth bottle and bottle adaptor

- 1/4" x 9" tube for drawing chemical

- 3.5 Orifice (1.25mm) installed in the Foamer Body

- 3.0 Orifice (1.1mm) included with kit

- Fitting pack (2-pieces) containing a 1/4" M22 adaptor and 1/4" QC Plated Steel Plug

- Manual with care instructions and exploded view


Min. 1,100 psi - Max. 5,000 psi

Min. 1.4 gpm - Max. 5.3 gpm

Max. 140°F

Note: The full spectrum of ratings are not supported by the 3.5 or 3.0 orifices included with this kit. Other orifices may be required for higher flow machines that have lower PSI- Example: 2000 PSI with 3.5 GPM requires a 5.0 Orifice. For larger orifices, you will know it does not work because you will experience starting and stopping of the foam cannon as your unloader slips in and out of bypass. You will also get watery foam as the orifice size 3.5 is significantly smaller than the 5.0 needed for your machine. MTM Foam Cannons will not work with flow sensing unloaders as you will experience the same results listed for an under-sized orifice. See below for additional orifice sizes and replacement items available for purchase.

Foam Cannon Replacement Items and Upgrades:

5.0 Orifice (1.5mm) - Part #36.0235

6.5 Orifice (1.7mm) - Part #36.0236

Replacement 9" Suction Tube - Part #41.0338

Replacement PF22 Bottle - Part #37.5026

Replacement bottle adaptor – Part #37.5027

Replacement Filter - Part #36.0226