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3/8" Rotating 8.5 Sewer Nozzle

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3/8" Rotating Sewer Nozzles are ready to get down and dirty with a meticulously designed Stainless body and spinning brass collar. As pressurized water passes through the body and exits through the three rear facing jets a fluid bearing is created which allows the collar to spin freely. As the collar spins, this little nozzle plows through pipes and turn roots into shavings for the Pros and DIY's. Once you begin feeding the nozzle and line down the pipe, avoid starting and stopping as this will allow grit into the fluid bearing and cause the collar to lock up. Adhere to recommended specs and do not exceed 3,000 PSI. All sewer nozzles are laser etched along the neck with size of the nozzle. For reference: 55 translates to a size 5.5 orifice.

  • 3/8" Female NPT Inlet installs easily on 3/8" sewer line or adaptor
  • Be sure to review the nozzle chart when selecting your nozzle size


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