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5 Pack Wide Mouth Bottle with Adaptor/Cap

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MTM Hydro's Stand Up Replacement Wide Mouth Bottle has been manufactured exclusively for the PF22 Foam Cannon. The multi-bottle system allows you to keep alkaline, neutral and acid solutions in their respective bottles so as to limit cross contamination on cleaning surfaces. This wide mouth bottle can stand on its own with or without liquid and has calibrations for easy to read measurements of chemical and water.

Ships with PF22.2 Adaptors and Bottle Caps


  • 32 oz
  • mL calibrations, only

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This product can expose you to chemicals, including DINP and/or DEHP which is known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm, go to for more information.

The products we sell are not intended for use in potable water systems and are only for industrial non-drinking water applications.