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Yum Wash

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Yum car shampoo has a pH level of 7, making it safe to use on all types of paint finishes, as well as all exterior surfaces such as paint, glass, vinyl wraps just to name a few. Yum Wash has a super thick liquid consistency which creates a huge amount of suds, foam and lubrication to safely remove traffic film, road dirt, grime, pollen, and other contaminants, without stripping or compromising any wax or sealant protection.

  • Safe for use on all exterior vehicle surfaces.
  • Super slick, free-rinsing formula.
  • Hand-wash and foam cannon friendly.

The 2 most dangerous stages within your maintenance washing routine is washing and drying. Even after the most perfect pre-wash stages you will always have to contact wash your paint to truly agitate and remove all remaining contaminants and dirt. In essence you are moving dirt around on your paint. The main importance within our Yum Wash product is focused on transferring as much slickness onto the panels as possible, to reduce the potential for introducing swirl marks and to keep general washing induced damage to a minimum.

Yum Wash will not dry out or harm plastics or rubbers and it rinses clean without leaving behind any water spots or streaks. The Yum Wash carries behind it a light fragrance of strawberry, to give you the most enjoyable and pleasurable experience during your maintenance washes.


For the safest possible wash process, rinse the entire vehicle first, and then pre-wash the vehicle.


Pre-wash using Yum Foam and Yum Citrus, prior to any contact wash, to gently lift away any dirt on the vehicle and minimize any risk of swirls, scratches or marring to the paint.

Wash Stage

  • Simply fill up your Bucket halfway with water, add 100ml of Yum Wash and fill the rest of your bucket using your pressure washer for an extra foamy thick wash.
  • Dip your wash pad into the bucket and gently hand wash the vehicle starting top to bottom, leaving the dirtiest areas until last. Always follow the 2 Bucket method with Grit Guards to trap any dirt and debris and periodically rinse out your Wash Pad after each panel wipe.
  • To apply with a foam cannon, lance or handheld sprayer, add 100-150ml of Yum Wash, top the rest with water and spray all over the vehicle working from top to bottom. This additional step will change the way you wash cars forever! You will be adding so much more slickness to your contact wash, thus even further reducing any potential damage.