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Yum Ceramic

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Our Yum Ceramic formula is proudly our flagship product of the range with a trademark against its name due to the extensive formulation work and time that has gone into this product. Yum Ceramic is what we believe to be the next evolution of spray sealants. Our formula is safe to use on paint, glass, chrome and trim including alloy wheels. For the correct preparation, we would advise a minimum of chemical and mechanical decontamination. Ideally the best application would require a naked, fully polished surface to allow for best adhesion.

  • Extreme slickness and gloss.
  • Can be used as a protective Drying Aid.
  • Blended with multiple polymers and resins to fortify the formula.

The word ‘ceramic’ dictates that the formula is blended with active ceramic resins and polymers that are delivered in a water based fashion, giving you the complete control as to how the product reacts on the paint.

The water based delivery system can also be diluted to a 1:1 ratio, for much more frequent use such as a protective drying aid application.

Yum Ceramic can also be used as a topping product if you already have a ceramic coating, wax or sealant layers as this will lay beautifully on top of existing protection.

For the best application method, we would always recommend a 2 towel method, 1 towel for spreading the product and towel 2 for removing the residue. You can also apply after your final rinse of your car by misting the 1:1 diluted product over the wet vehicle and continuing to dry with our Drying Aid towels.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In Which Order Should I Apply Protective Products?

You should always apply the most durable, protective product first when starting a fresh detail. So, in order of our protective products, you would apply Yum Ceramic, followed by Yum Wax, then Yum Detailer.

  • How long should I wait before applying the Yum Wax on top of Yum Ceramic?

We would recommend applying Yum Wax 12 hours after you have applied Yum Ceramic for the best results, if you can.

  • Do I Apply Yum Ceramic After Every Wash?

No. On subsequent maintenance washes, you can follow the wash with just Yum Detailer as a drying aid. Yum Ceramic offers longer protection, so there is no need to apply this every time. There is no harm caused by applying Yum Ceramic or even Yum Wax after every wash, but it is not necessarily needed. You can usually tell when it needs topping up again due to the protection properties fading.

  • How Long Will Yum Ceramic Last?

On a perfectly prepared vehicle, it has a durability of upwards of 6 months. By teaming this up with Yum Detailer as a drying aid during future maintenance washes, you will have a combination that is impossible to beat!

  • I Don’t Have A Ceramic Coated Vehicle, So Yum Ceramic Is No Use To Me.

Yum Ceramic creates a super slick layer of paint protection which can be used as a standalone sealant or used as a top up and extend your existing ceramic protection. Yum Ceramic is completely safe to use on a ceramic coated, and non coated vehicle.