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Yum Glass+

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Glass✚ is a powerful hydrophobic sealant that has been designed to repel dirt and water, causing it to bead up and roll away whilst driving at high speeds in heavy rain, without the use for window wipers. Most people forget about glass when detailing their cars, however, glass sealants are very important as it is the key to keeping the windows clean and ensuring better visibility whilst driving.

  • 50ml Glass✚ and Applicator Included.
  • Use in conjunction with Yum Glass (not included).
  • Keeps glass staying cleaner for longer.

Packaged within a foil pouch, Glass✚ is contained within a 50ml glass bottle with a dripper lid, making sure the super concentrated formula isn’t over applied. Also included inside the package is a YumCars Block Applicator.

This product has been designed from the ground up in conjunction with Yum Glass. This has been done specially, so the 2 products can efficiently coexist together, both at the application and the removal stages.

A lot of glass sealants out there either offer extremely difficult applications, or very poor sheeting properties. Glass✚ on the other hand, is the easiest removal glass sealant you will ever have the experience of using. The bonus part is the hydrophobic and hydrophilic (sheeting) properties are extremely sharp.

You will find at speeds over 30 MPH the water will start to run off as you pick up speed, to eventually not having to use window wipers as often.

How To Use

After ensuring the glass is fully cleaned and decontaminated, using our Clay Block and Yum Glass, simply apply a few drops of Glass✚ onto the applicator provided and apply in an up and down left to right action, ensuring even coverage. Let the product haze. We generally start on the windshield, then work our way around the entire car. It is ready to remove once you get back to the windscreen.

Spray a generous amount of Yum Glass directly onto the glass or on to a clean towel to remove all residue and use a secondary towel to ensure all residue is removed.

We recommend to apply 2 coats, 6 hours apart. PRO TIP: Maintain your exterior glass with Yum Detailer after every wash using the ‘Drying Aid’ method.