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Yum Tyre HexGrip Applicator

Yum's handheld foam applicator is a perfect addition to your detailing routine. It is perfect for applying dressings onto the rubber tyres and plastic trims. The ergonomic design includes a full sized grip at the top to allow comfort while applying dressings. The grooves within the foam will ensure even coverage and great results every time.

  • Reusable high-density foam.
  • Comfortable handle grip.
  • Waved pattern allows for even coverage.

We use this applicator for applying Dress V2 onto the tyre wall, but it also has many other uses, such as application of product on interior and exterior plastic rubbers and trims.

The wavered pattern allows you to disperse the product evenly onto the desired surface and the comfortable handle prevents the product from touching your hands.

This applicator was created for multiple uses and contains the Yum logo on the handle, packaged in a reusable waterproof drawstring bag.

Care Instructions

To ensure longevity, hand-wash the applicator using warm water after every use. Allow to air dry fully prior to reuse.