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MTM Hydro Premium Teflon Tape

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MTM Hydro's Premium Teflon Tape is a common household item for most Do-it-Yourself'ers. With 40 feet in length, this tape will last quite while as you replace old fittings and wrap pressurized threads. Any pressurized threads should receive a joint sealant of some kind whether you choose Teflon Tape or a joint compound like Thread Lock. To properly install Teflon tape, hold the item with threads in your left hand and face the threads toward you. Begin wrapping clockwise for the recommended number of wraps. By wrapping the Male threads clockwise, you will effectively tighten them creating a better seal when installed into opposing Female threads. Always re-wrap threads when installing/uninstalling your Pressure Washing accesories.

For NPT threads, MTM Hydro recommends 4 wraps of Teflon Tape. For BSP threads, MTM Hydro Recommends 6-7 wraps of Teflon Tape.