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Red Bend Restrictor for 3/8" 6000 PSI Hose

Red Bend Restrictor is meant for 6,000 PSI hose and should be purchased along with Bulk Hose. Always use bend restrictors for hose assembly and keep the following in mind: If high pressure hoses are pulled at extreme angles while under pressure, there is a chance for rupture and the end could potentially blow off. Bend restrictors limit these bends and are meant as a safety device on all pressure washing hoses. To properly install, perform the following for each end 1. Slide Bend Restrictor onto hose (39.0377 or 39.0425) 2. Slide the ferrule (24.0462) onto the hose 3. Lubricate the barb of the fitting before installing into the hose 4. Slide ferrule into place on the collar of the fitting and compress to manufacturer's specs. Assembling Hose is not recommended unless your service shop has prior experience and proper equipment to do so. Incorrectly installed fittings can become projectiles if not properly installed.