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Soft Wash Shooter Tip - HydroJet ER 180 Large Orifice

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HydroJet ER 180 Large Orifice

Long-Range shooter nozzle designed from the inside out

Multi-Chambered bore for increased distance and cleaning power

Stainless-Steel construction for use with soft wash chemical

Professional Grade, premium materials, precision machining, built to last

Available individually or choose our HydroJet ER MAX Kit to take your cleaning ability to the next level (includes all three sizes of HydroJet ER).


All HydroJet ER nozzles are cross-compatible on machines ranging from 2 gpm to 12 gpm.

The ER 120 allows for improved pressure cleaning force while the larger ER180 will increase flow cleaning force.

All HydroJet ER nozzles are down stream capable.


If purchasing a single nozzle only, please use the below as a basic guideline:

ER 120   2 to 5 gpm

ER 150   4 to 8 gpm

ER 180   7 to 12 gpm