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Veloci Fuel Pressure Test Gauge

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Veloci's Fuel Pressure Test Gauge is a must-have for any service shop. One of the most common issues can be addressed with this simple device and that is ensuring proper operating pressuere of the fuel. It takes about 2 minutes to check the fuel pressure and once dialed in, this solves many starting and runtime issue with heaters. This item is also critical to the monthly PM that should be performed on Veloci Heaters. This is a common item in Pressure Washing service shops as the burner assemblies are similar and typically, will also require the 1/8" gas thread to install.

For testing, connect to the 'P' (pressure) port of the pump and increase or decrease to optimal pump pressure.

  • Fire155 - 174 PSI
  • Flame115 - 166 PSI
  • Blaze100 - 196 PSI
  • Blaze200 - 174 PSI
  • Blaze300 - 174 PSI
  • Firestorm400HC - 160 PSI on Low & 218 PSI on High