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Veloci MTM 4,000PSI 4.5 Turbo Nozzle w/ Plug

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This entry level blue jacket turbo nozzle is a newly imported item that offers good quality with a great price. We have selected 4 of the most common sizes to choose from and while these are not up to the quality of a Rotojet, these tested out with minimal vibration during oscillation and solid wear testing.

Universal 1/4" Plated Steel QC plug installed at factory.

This series of Turbo Nozzle is not repairable

Remember, always wear PPE gear when using a turbo nozzle and engage the turbo nozzle while it is in the ground facing position.

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This product can expose you to chemicals, including Lead which is known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm, go to for more information.

The products we sell are not intended for use in potable water systems and are only for industrial non-drinking water applications.