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Yum Dress V2

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The next generation of tyre care is here! Dress V2 was designed with one simple goal, to moisturise the rubber and trim and to ensure the application uniformity is even on every surface. Yum's special formulation makes this product very versatile. It can be applied to exterior rubber, trims, engine bays and even interior plastics.

  • Water based formula reinforced with resin polymers.
  • Can be diluted for engine bay and interior applications.
  • Contains moisturising and anti-static properties to keep the rubber and trim healthy and most importantly fully repellent.

Dress V2 is an easy to use, water-based moisturiser which can be cross-platformed across many different surfaces.

Dress V2 is a restorative product, (Not just a sacrificial layer on top of the surface), meaning that on application, it will penetrate and moisturise the surface it is being applied onto.

Because of its special restorative properties, with more uses over time, multiple layers of protection will build up and make rubbers more supple and trim more resistant to UVA and UVB rays.

This is the next generation of how to keep the rubbers and trims correctly protected and looking as they should from factory.

Dress V2 can be applied straight out of the bottle to exterior tyres and plastic trims, and we recommend to use the YumCars HexGrip for application. For use on engine bays, we like to dilute Yum Dress 1:5 (1 part Dress to 5 parts water), using the Pressol Household bottle.

A lot of work and development has gone into this very special formula, so we hope you enjoy the experience of using something not often found in this type of product.